What is biroba talkies com?

It is an initiative started by biroba films to private limited to provide good quality content in the form of Feature films, Serials, Non feature films, travel films etc to viewers all over the world. We know people are interested in watching good content our efforts are to make it available to them in a decent price

How can I watch the movie or any other content?

You will have to make payment first to watch paid content on our website. The streaming will automatically start once payment is done. If you can watch preview/trailer on your system film will stream for sure.

Can I download and watch it later on other devices?

No, You cannot download, But if you have rented content for a period you can login from other devices and resume.

Why should I watch movie here if same is available for free?

1. You are participation in piracy. It is crime andĀ  Kills talent
2. We are assuring you about the quality of the content, Before we upload anything on our website it has to passĀ  through biorba standards
3. We are providing clean content to our viewers. Films or other content on our website either produced by biroba or we have acquired necessary rights from producer to stream it.
4. When you are watching paid content you are directly helping us to create new content. Also there is no middle man in between you and us.
5. You have opportunity to talk/work directly with makers.

Can I become online distributor? What is benefit ?

Yes! Of course you can, in fact we would love to have you as an online distributor. You can share the film link to your friends on email or on your social networking accounts, or you can embed our movie player on your blog. A unique affiliate code is attached with your sharing ids. (Only if you submit email id in the player) and that code will keep a track of people who watch the movie through your sharing. You will receive 10% amount of revenue generated from your share. You can go on sharing and earn 10%. See the images for more information.

Player and payment issues?

Kindly refer Support.distrify.com; No need to worry. If money has been deducted from your account you will get to see the film or we will refund you. Distrify will sort it out if they fail to sort out issue write to us. We will resolve it for you.