Cast & Synopsis

Hou de jarasa ushir (Let There Be A Little Delay) is the story of three people — Sunayna, Malhar, and Shantanu — who work in the same software company. Each one of them is fighting a lonely battle trying to balance work and life.

Every morning, they travel to work together in Shabbir’s cab. One day, a very crucial day in their career, Shabbir does not arrive on time, and when he does, their cab is stuck in a major traffic jam on the highway. The already irate and anxious passengers decide to let Shabbir try an alternate route to the IT Park that will take them through remote villages. But almost as soon as they break from routine and start on this journey, a series of life-altering incidents (and a fakir who challenges them to take time in their own hands), inspires them to change their perspective of life itself.

Director Producer Musician Editor Camera Sound Lyrics Art
 Wasim  Tahir Nakul  Prashant  Meethil  Ravidev  Rahul Suresh
Wasim Maner Tahir Maner Nakul Jogdeo Prashant Pandav Meethil Momaya RaviDev Singh Rahul Ovhal Suresh Borde



Sadashiv_Amrapurkar Sadashiv Amrapurkar ~ Fakir Baba
Aishwarya_Narkar Aishwarya Narkar ~ Rukmini Pawar
Sharvari_Jamenis Sharvari Jamenis ~ Sunaina Pandit
Chinmay_Mandlekar  Chinmay Mandlekar ~ Sarjerao Patil
Jayawant_Wadkar  Jayawant Wadkar ~ Marutrao Mohite
Aditi_Sarangdhar  Aditi Sarangdhar ~ Monali Mohite
Raj_Ranaware Raj Ranaware ~ Malhar Gaikwad
Abhyangh_Kuwalekar1  Abhyangh Kuvalekar ~ Shantanu Jahagirdar
Anil_Nagarkar Anil Nagarkar ~ Shabbir Tamboli
Priya_Shinde  Priya Shinde ~ Swapna
Akshay_Waghmare Akshay Waghmare ~ Mohanya
Vishwas_Sakat Vishwas Sakat ~ Bhavadya
Rajesh_More Rajesh More ~ Dattu
Rajashri_Deshpande  Rajshri Deshpande ~  Namrata
Mahesh_Ghag  Mahesh Ghag ~  Shankar
Sanyogita_Bhave  Sanyogita Bhave ~  Sneha Gosavi
Shriram_Pendse  Shriram Pendse ~  Iyyer
Prasanna_Ketkar  Prasanna Ketkar ~  Divakar
Subhash_Shinde1  Subhash Shinde ~  Gaokari
Manoj_Narule  Manoj Narule ~  Sunil Pawar

Supportive Cast

Shubhangi Damle, Sunil Awchite, Sharad Yadav, Piyush Pimpale, Vishal Shinde, Vishal Kudale, Abhijeet Dhumal, Ishita Oak, Sagar Pawar, Pritam Survase, Pramod Kumbhar, Pruthviraj Barge, Dheeraj Shinde, Anwar Sheikh, Amit Jagdale.