Biroba Logo Biroba Films Private Limited is a film production house based in Phaltan, Maharashtra, India. We have dedicated our efforts to making high-quality feature films, documentaries, and entertainment videos. Our work has spanned several subjects including wildlife, education, agriculture, and even biographies. In 2011, Biroba films has ventured into the Marathi feature film business.Biroba Films believes in shifting the centre of filmmaking from the metropolitan cities to wherever talent is found. We believe that to make films, you can live anywhere. Making use of new technology, abiding by ethics, and promoting professional practices, the team at Biroba is comfortably striding ahead of the competition.Unconventional, passionate about quality, clean and professional — Biroba strives to set a new benchmark in film-making.


The ground beneath his feet fuels his creativity. For Wasim that’s as simple as it gets, and simple is beautiful. The stories embedded in everyday lives, the beauty of language as it trips from tongues of ordinary people, and the magic of light — this is what Wasim strives to capture on film. Wasim Maner, a trained cinematographer and a passionate film-maker, can teach a thing or two about building a team. He selects people not only for their talent, but also for their honesty and passion towards their craft.

According to his crew, what Wasim does best, is think about them while scripting and shooting. Ask his editor and he will tell you that Wasim does all his directing in the script itself, making editing easy. All that’s left for Wasim to take care of on set is the light. And light is something of Wasim’s speciality.

He has Plan B, C & D, maybe right up to Z. This saves our time and budget, says Tahir, his producer. He swears by Wasim’s ability to land on his feet regardless of what unforeseen eventuality comes up.

 Tahir_Maner TAHIR MANERIn the office of Biroba, and on film sets, ‘Ask Tahir’ is the likely response to any query — that’s how indispensable and knowledgeable of film-making, Tahir Maner (one-time mechanical engineer and former captain of the college football team) has become.Tahir took to learning the basics of film-making just a few months before the shoot of their first film. Utilising the corporate discipline deeply instilled in him, he now shows a natural talent for handling the schedules, needs, and tasks of over a hundred people, and has become a formidable force to reckon with.

Tahir is also one of the very few film producers who contributes extensively to the creative process of the film. Tahir is known as a very precise writer, and has added great value to the script of HDJU. Tahir is consensually described as sincere, hardworking, pure at heart, with an enviable clarity about business matters. But, for his brother Wasim, the fact that Tahir is ready to start everything again right from zero, makes him the perfect person to be a producer and as Wasim candidly admits, he is ‘scared of the producer Tahir is becoming’.



There are operative editors and then there are editor editors. Prashant Pandav is an editor editor. Self-taught, and ‘super sonic fast’, Prashant has more than eight years of a rich, and varied experience in editing, and has been with Biroba since the start. This long association ensures that there’s a mutual understanding, and a private language between editor and director that translates smoothly on to the screen.

Another reason why Biroba relies on Prashant’s expertise is because of his constructive inputs during editing pattern meetings that set the tone for the shooting of the film. He also keeps the movie’s theme in the foreground while determining his editing technique. Prashant is also one of the very few editors who contributes during the shoot of the film. From suggesting shots, to ensuring that raw footage is utilised well, his eagle eyes do not miss a frame. Prashant runs iLink Media in Pune.



Low-key, calm, and well-known for silencing an entire crew of hyper assistants with a cold stare (and one raised eyebrow) Meethil Momaya is a professional wildlife photographer and a trained cinematographer. Within just a few days of starting to work with each other, Wasim and Meethil hit it off with their mutual respect towards their craft and their knowledge of pushing digital image making and the technology to the limit.

At work, Wasim counts on Meethil not only for his calm temperament, an important value when it comes to shooting in a high-octane frenzied space, but also his acute aesthetic sense combined with a strong scientific knowledge about image-making. He is a strong and credible quality check for my ideas, says Wasim, and Meethil’s maturity and open-mindedness helps when it comes to evaluating new concepts.

Meethil does not mince words, will not be influenced against his better judgment, will arrive at an evaluation after much research and tests, and will stand by his opinion while patiently listening to the other point of view. This makes him Wasim’s image-maker of choice. Meethil runs Mountain Media in Mumbai.



There’s no two ways about it. Nakul is a phenomenon when it comes to music. He has been associated with Biroba Films since its early days, and marks his debut as a music composer in the film industry with HDJU. This 25-year-old brings with him a very refreshing and unconventional musical heritage.Very few Indian music composers are equally trained in Indian and Western Classical music.

Nakul’s music is a seamless mix of these two very strong music traditions. A ‘super-sonic perfectionist’, Nakul will spend all night creating a tune, adding layers of instruments to the songs that will eventually define the movie they are made for. Being perfectly in sync with the working style of Biroba, Nakul creates that perfect tune for every twist in the tale. According to Wasim, Nakul never tries to impress anyone with his virtuosity. He makes music honestly, and does everything to make it meaningful for the cinema. Nakul runs his own studio Gunjarav in Pune, where he also runs a full-fledged western piano school.